Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Every Fight Begins with a Fall!!

For many of us it is the moment of adulthood and finally coming to the age of being independent. It is a moment where you define who you are, who you really want to be, the age where you have the whole world in front of you and where the only person who is accountable and responsible for your life is you! Although it is an important milestone in everyone’s life. But many of us we forget one important thing. 
You know what… I think the problem with us “the adults” is that we expect too much and in the end, we get nothing.
She was pumped up as her life was going to begin, adults would treat her better and maybe they would respect who she was and accept the person she wanted to be. The day came and left. Her life moved on. All the expectations fell flat. After some time, she realized the sad reality, She was the same old kid she had always been. She had the same looks, same difficulties, and more struggles. Surely, she had entered the adult world, but there was no magical change from being twenty. Something was missing. As time went on, she began to be more perceptive about the people around her. She grew puzzled with the world around her, she saw people much older than her acting as if either they never been to class 10th or never left class 10th as if they never take life or people around them seriously. 
I am not denying the fact that Good people don’t exist, they do but interspersed among them were so many mediocre characters. She asked herself many times that Is this the person, the adult that she wanted to be? How does she can become something that makes a difference, someone worthy of respect or someone who makes their life worth living.
In real life, age is just a number, and it does not make you grow, it is an experience that counts and matters.
it just requires a change of mind, where we want to take a driver’s seat or want to be a passenger.


  1. So nice.. Loved ur blogs..

  2. i m in love with ur writing shreya.loved it. god bless u may u will achieve what ever u want to..

  3. Sometimes we struggle through a testless coffee till the last sip, then we find the sugar lying at the bottom... That's life
    Sweetened bt not stirred well

  4. As u said that people try to act like they are still in 10th... Maybe there's a possibility that most of them faced same things and really fealt the importance of being a kid from heart...



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