Tuesday, 27 June 2017


A girl with the fabulous smile, best dance moves. A girl with a flawless body and even purer heart. A girl who was Sameer’s Best friend. And the girl who fell in love with Sameer but somehow, could not make him fall in love with her.

Sometimes, Love is not a feeling you force upon yourself or someone, it just happens. Unfortunately, life is not a Mohit Suri’s HalfGirlfriend types movie, love isn’t always reciprocated and it doesn’t always end up happily ever after. We all had to learn this hard truth, you wanted to call him just to see how he is or may be that’s too much. You want to share a good news or bad one or you want to tell him about your day or anything interesting that happened, but may be that’s too much as well.

Well the fact is, Love is not really enough. All those fairytales, all those romantic stories and movies you have ever heard and watched lied up to you. Love is never enough. NEVER!

You all would be lying if you guys have not opted for coffee over tapri ki chai, just because your crush or your guy found tapri tacky.

शायद सही कहा है किसी ने...
रिश्तो की गीली ज़मीन पर अक्सर लोग फिसल जाते है।


  1. nice bas last wala samajh aya jo hindi main tha sahi kaha hai waqaiye :(

  2. If it is true then it's time to think again ..

  3. In brief love is nothing and if it happens then its one-sided.



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