Sunday, 12 February 2017

My name is Khan and I'm Not a Terrorist

वो मुतमइन है की पत्थर पिघन नहीं सकता, मै बेकरार हूँ आवाज़ के असर के लिए
तेरा निज़ाम है सील दे ज़बान शायर की ये, एतिहात भी ज़रूरी  इस बहार के लिए...
“Put a commission together, show me the right way to do it illegally”
An evolution happened when Trump asked me how to do a Muslim Ban, legally: said Ruby Giuliar (former Mayor New York City).

Donald Trump barred citizen of seven Muslim majority countries- Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering US for at least next 90 days. Trump mind operates like the boardroom scene. Bring everybody in, quickly access who is the weakest and throw them out, and leave the heartiest once to fight it out for another episode. Trump also bans ll refugee admitting for 120 days and bans Syrian refugees indefinitely. It slashes the US refugee quota for 2017 to less than half of the level set by President Obama.
Since the Refugee Act of 1980 the Federal Government has suspended refugee admission only once from September 11, 2001 to 11 December 2001. Trump is using executive authority to reset the refugee quota from 110,000 for 2017 to 50,000. Since 30,000 refugees have already been resettled since October 1 only 20,000 more can be resettled over the next eight months.
But the fact is half of refugees in past 2 years were Christians, refugees from Syria reflected the Country’s religious composition ( almost entirely Muslims).
In his speech (on Friday) Trump spoke about “America First”. It is extremely unfortunate that in his speech outlining his foreign policy goals, he chooses to brand his policy with the noxious Slogan “America First” the name of a national organisation that urged US to convenience Adolf Hitler. America First is a term that evoked innocent idiots and pro-Nazis who wanted to convince Hitler and make friends with them before World War II.
There is no security benefit. Nobody in the country has been killed by immigrants particularly from these 7 nations but is treating everybody from these Country as suspects. This executive is useless as no American has been killed by the immigrants. Americans are more likely to be killed by their own Clothes than immigrants. If we calculate the death ration of Americans i.e. Annual average Deaths by Clothes Melting is 3.3 Million and by Immigrant linked Terrorism is 2.68 Million.
This is opposite from how refugees have been treated in the past. Between 886 and 1924, almost 14 million immigrants entered the US through New York. The Statue of Liberty was a reassuring sign that they had arrived in the land of their dreams. To those anxious newcomers, the Statue uplifted torch did not suggest enlightenment as her creators intended but rather “WELCOME”. Over time, Liberty emerged as the “ Mother of Exiles” a symbol of Hope to generations of Immigrants.
Well Trump’s Muslim Ban will slam US Economy. Now you all must be thinking that how picking up a handful of immigrants and making their living difficult impact the US Economy as a whole? Large US Corporations, which are engaged in the Global Marketplace are increasingly deriving their profits overseas. If they control them from moving people where they need them. That will definitely hurt their productivity.
There will come a time when world will face Global Refugee Crises. If people are worried about US Terrorist attack 9/11, San Bernardino this executive would have prevented exactly none of them but their is an exception for some kind of is true that Trump’s executive order in not a ban on all Muslims but instead banned Muslim travellers from Seven Muslim-Majority Countries.
Obviously, Donald Trump you need to keep your country safe, but you should do that by focusing on people who actually pose a threat. Muslim Ban won’t help security but it will marginalise Muslim.



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