Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The 20th Birthday

Some people come into our lives and barely leave a trace, others leave a string of footprints etched upon our heart, letting us know they are with us every step we take. - Anonymous
I guess the title of my blog say it all, it’s my 20th birthday today! Birthdays have never been very special to me, although I get excited for my birthday for no reason (hehe).  It is weird to say goodbye to my teen life. Besides that, my beautiful 19 years was kind of amazing. I feel excited because it’s my birthday and it is the first time my age will begin with 2, and I am a bit sad because it is a sign of getting older and older. (लेकिन मेरी त्वचा से मेरी उम्र का पता नहीं लगा पाएंगे आप!) Sometimes I feel much happier going back to childhood where everything was sorted, but then I realize that it is very important for me to grow up.
Well that is not a very long period of time, but I do seriously learnt from the past, from how childish I am when I was a kid or even teen. I moved out of Lucknow, made new friends, some became acquaintances, I visited to new beautiful places. I would like to take this time of the year to show what I have achieved so far. My goal for this year is to do more what make me happy and to try new things. Well honestly I have not been able to find something new that could interest me.
I love myself because I am kind of empathetic, sensitive and compassionate, I see people in need and wonder what I can do to help or how I can make my days a little bit easier. I love that I am full of life, totally crazy and insane. I love that I am taking time to learn about myself and recognize the importance of it that I am so courageous to face it. Well…. I know ज्यादा  हो गया थोड़ा सा adjust कर लो !!
I have to say I am a bit greedy already! I am wishing for more wishes to come true. Basically my wish would be mmm…won’t tell you guys, but those kind of wishes will not differ from you and others. We are all humans after all.

Happiest birthday to me!


  1. Happy birthday Innocence-'Shreya'

  2. happy birthday Shreya singh may u bloom like a flower..that has a sweet long lasting fragrance.

  3. Happy Birthday Shreya Let yourself do everything that you like most in life, may your Big Day be cheerful and happy!

  4. Wish u happy Birthday Ms Shreya....

  5. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.... Happy Birthday Shreya...

  6. Happy Birthday Shreya (Sheereen)



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I am still discovering who I am, but at twenty I still have plenty of time for discovering, don’t you think?

Blogging is that passion that lit a spark on that dream of mine which made a place where I could share myself with others but sooner or later I realized that my real dream was helping others be heard by lending them a voice. Discipline is the art which I want to master. I feel myself like a Taxi Driver who is completely absurd regarding her destination yet retaining my “INNOCENCE”.