Thursday, 31 March 2016

Corners of a straight line

"I think one has to be slightly mad to be bisexual. So I am mad, so sue me". -Gauri India is a home to multiple tribes, castes and communities each characterised by its own way of life.
LGBT is one such community out of many communities present in India who have a unfriendly relation towards people. The present scenario for LGBT community in India and on Indians is perplex or we can say that Indians are in confined state. We know lot of people who seems to be friendly with LGBT but sometimes the same people behind make fun of them. Sex has always been a taboo in India and homosexuality has always been a hot topic.
In India, few years back the Delhi high court has struck down the 150 years old Section 377 of IPC, thus legalising homosexuality activities between adults. But the matter is expected to come up hearing once again before the Supreme court, the issue of LGBT community rights seems to have divided the nation. During the 2000, the LGBT Civil Rights Movement has focused on gaining same sex marriages or other forms of civil relationship recognitions for same sex couples. Over the past decade the legal recognition of marriage between same sex partners has commenced in parts of US and Europe.
The movement allows Same sex marriages versus to ban same sex marriages. Well we can see a clear conflict between people who support same sex marriage and people who are against it. In India LGBT community are largely degraded due to which they go in their kingdom of isolation. In fact Gays are beaten up and even raped under article 377.
The intolerants who flaunt their love for Indian culture and know very little about it, they speak of "if these same sex couples adopt children, the children will grow up with a skewed version of family" - Om Prakash (vishwa Hindu parishad). Now what's funny is that homosexuality in India has been accepted within Indian culture for 1000 of years. Most historians agree that homosexuality was largely accepted by Hinduism ( in some parts of rigveda). We can often find it on many TV news channels showing bites of some Baba's on how LGBT is against "our Indian culture".
Men like Baba Ramdev claim that they can cure homosexuality through 'yoga'. The main reason why people is not accepting or supporting it because they are repulsive by the idea of having sex with the same sex. As being lesbians or gays means that you won't marry a boy or a girl and would not able to give their family their grandchildren ( that is one can not have a picture perfect life). But you can have baby by being lesbian or a gay through adoption or serogacy. But then too many people will have problem as one can't give as much love to the adopted child as they give it to the biological once. But the problem lies deep in that falsely glorified, adarsh wise hollow yet a super beautiful concept called Indian society. Homosexuality is not a act, not a desire, its not an option that one can choose, its a natural tendency for a guy to love a guy or a girl to love a girl. But here in India it is difficult for people to accept for some people that its a natural process. The demand for giving social status to LGBT marriages is limited to only 10% of the Indian population. Even today majority of Indians are uncomfortable with LGBT marriages for themselves. It seems as if still it is a long way to go for social acceptance of these marriages.
Hence taking into consideration the present scenario and the emerging conflict for the LGBT rights is somehow overlooked and ignored. Lets face it- our society needs a big makeover. Indian youth have a huge role to play here. The new mindset is the need of an hour. As  drop by drop the ocean for acceptance of LGBT marriages can be earned.

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