Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ruined innocence

As a kid she was like a flute simple, sweet and melodious.
Time passes and she is still like a flute hollow and void.

She was only 8 when she was harassed. It was nobody else but the one whose wrist she tied the thread on, who promised her that he will be by her side no matter what. She didn't knew the difference between a good and a bad touch, she simply know that its just a game which she was playing with her loved brother. The game in which he is asking her to touch the parts of her body, where some chocolates will be given to the person whose gonna win.
She never mentioned it to her family. As at the age of 8 she did not know but at this age she knows what he did was sexual harassment. The healing process was long and it is very difficult for a shy person , who hates to be the centre of attraction. She can now express her thoughts through her writing.
The thing is when you have problem and you try to say it. It becomes very difficult for people how to react or may be they think that you are shameless that you are talking about sexual harassment, or may be people around you find it difficult to understand the pain which you have been going through. She also felt ashamed and even thought if what happened was in se way her fault but eventually she knows, it wasn't.
Being safe should not be defined by staying quite/silent. But instead speak up. Silence is what give permission to do things that are not right.
It can be scary, or it might always work.
So speak up..
Like she did..

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I am still discovering who I am, but at twenty I still have plenty of time for discovering, don’t you think?

Blogging is that passion that lit a spark on that dream of mine which made a place where I could share myself with others but sooner or later I realized that my real dream was helping others be heard by lending them a voice. Discipline is the art which I want to master. I feel myself like a Taxi Driver who is completely absurd regarding her destination yet retaining my “INNOCENCE”.