Monday, 12 October 2015

Refugees being refused

"A world without the united Nations or with a paralysed united Nations would be far more costly to all of us and far more dangerous to peace and stability" - Richard Holbrooke.
The preamble of united Nations states that "We the people of the UN states determination to save succeeding generations from the sourage of war to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights. But is it so ? Because what we are seeing nowadays is ISIS is becoming the backbone of international terrorist forces and it is more extreme and cruel than other terrorist groups. And cherry on the cake is that it is setting an example for other terrorist groups also , but what's going to happen next, would it will lead to world war lll , how many life's it is going to take.
We recently heard about Alyan Kurdi, 3 year old boy who was found dead on the sea shore in Turkey, he was one of the member of kurdi family of which three are dead. After moving to various cities to escape from ISIS his family got settled in Turkey from last three years and now they wanted to go to Canada for lifetime. In Syria almost 4 million people have left Syria since the start of the conflict. It is one of the large refugees migrated in recent history. A further 7.6 million Syrian's have been internally displaced within the country, bringing the total to more than 11 million which is almost half the population of Syria.
The British PM David Cameron is caught up with a promised and has agreed only after intense pressure to accept 20,000 syrian refugees during the next five years. The most ambitious reaction to the situation in Germany, who have welcomed close to one million people. On the contrary the Oil rich country like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have closed their borders and refused to give refuge to anybody. Although syrian refugees have fled to numerous countries, the majority have ended up in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. At the beginning of the war in Syria , people willingly accepted Syrian refugees into their own houses, their cultures and even in their education systems. But as the war in Syria becomes more serious, there has been increasing tension between the communities. In some towns, the population is doubled, and this is putting a lot of pressure on health services, education services etc. People of other countries have lost their jobs because Syrian refugees are willing to work for less wages as they have to manage their rents and other expenses also. Their are space issues, it is having a negative impact on local economies. Some country like Jordan, is a water poor country and the Jordians beliefs that Syrian's wastes water. The other thing is that landlords are raising prices and as a result the syrian refugees cannot send their kids to school. Thus the security situations will exploit, as poverty leads to tensions.
Now a big question arises to United Nations and US the two very powerful Nations in the world , why are they sitting and just watching the worst scenario. Are they waiting for the world to be end or because America hasn't lost lives. What we now have is a world in which nobody wants to lead and everybody wants to just follow and still people hopes that the problem will go away. The world does need a United Nations. The world needs a new and improved United Nations that represents the reality of a new world.

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