Tuesday, 30 June 2015

There is nothing called as UGLY women there are only LAZY once.

Can anybody tell me what is the reason behind putting makeup ...????Is it for beauty or may be for confidence or they may be reluctant to leave home without it. Or it think may be because they are frightened of imagining what people will think after seeing their un-conceled eyes.
we people can quickly reform ourselves by putting some accessories, a nice dress..but it is not always always about makeup or doing surgeries and oll. its about simplicity the right amount of attitude towards anything that counts..
The recent ‪#‎NOMAKEUPSELFIE‬ Campaign can make us believe that at last we are entering to a real world. Although makeup boosts a girls attractiveness. A large no. of women feels uneasy to move about without makeup. A Survey conducted which tell us that only 3% actually fell attractive when they decide to go natural.Although NO MAKEUP SELFIE is raising funds upto 8 million and still counting for the cancer reserch programme.
Priyanka Chopra won the best no makeup selfie look. Looks like even celebs wants people to be realistic than just Roaming Around The Bush..

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