Saturday, 23 May 2015

Finally at Peace...

Our's is a democratic country, which means To the people, By the people, For the people. Our constitution provide us with many rights. The rights are granted and amended according to the needs of the people. In India the life of people has been placed on the highest level. The Right to Life under Article 21. Since many discussion has been held for Right to Die. Many pitetion have been filled requesting the supreme court that this right should be Legalised. The supreme court of India has laid down the guidelines for EUTHANASIA and made a distinction between Active & Passive Euthanasia. It means, causing the death of a person who is in vegetative state with no chance of recovery is not a positive act of killing. Positive euthanasia can be understood as a person with a severe illness should b allowed to commit suicide. This is generally called as the Death With Dignity. The death of Aruna Shanbang make a powerful case for legalising Euthanasia or Death With Dignity. She has been brain- dead and in a vegetative state since 42 years.while working as a junior nurse at KEM Hospital Shanbaugh was sexually assaulted by a ward boy, Sohanlal walmiki. He chocked her with a dog chain resulting in cut- off oxygen to her brain and cervical cord injury. She had been taken care of by the nurses of KEM Hospital after her parents refused to take her home. They use to feed her, give her medicine, sponge her. The nurses of KEM Hospital describe Shanbaug as their child, who cared for her for 42 years. On 7 March 2011 the Supreme court had turned down a file filled by a Journalist on Euthanasia for Aruna. While the court allowed Passive Euthanasia which means withdrawing treatment and not offering regular food. The fact that she lived for 4 more years due to the consistent care given to her by the nurses. The death of Aruna Shanbangs arises many questions. Human beings has the right to live but is this life. Their is no solution in this case. She was the reason Passive Euthanasia is legalised but she never got benefit of it. We live in an era where we are accepting modern things like single parent system or living relationship but we cannot accept Mercy killing.Aruna is the best example of male violence over women but at the same time the best nursing care given to Aruna by the nurses of KEM Hospital. No words will be enough to praise them. Her condition was as worse as an helpless child. However there have been many instances of Euthanasia, but the cases were rejected. Jeet Narain of UP wanted Euthanasia for his 4 child who were paralysed before neck but his request were rejected. Sue Rodriguez a lady from Thailand died slowly of a severe disease. She begged the court for Euthanasia but they refused. Oregon was the first state that accepted the Death With Dignity in1994. Euthanasia is legal in many countries like Switzerland, Japan, Germany , Oregon. & it is criminalised in Mexico, Thailand and the northern territory of Australia. Although Euthanasia is a controversial topic for many reasons but at the same time we need a proper law on Euthanasia with strong safeguards.

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