Saturday, 21 March 2015

I have so much to write about those beautiful eyes.. Who never looked at me

Yes....this happens to everybody who ever falls in love with someone or get attracted to someone.... It hurts....when you can't say anything to the person whom you want to share your everything ..... Well this happens mostly in movies....but still somewhere.....It hurts Every time I look at him It hurts......when I smile but he doesn't..... It hurts M a teen it can b like a Puppy Love for me or may be not....but still yaaaarrr it hurts I first saw him a got sticked to his if his eyes wanted to say something...... You can now judge how cute that person would be..... BUT I HAVE SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES WHO NEVER LOOKED AT ME........!!!!!!


  1. I wanna see those beautiful eyes..! ;)
    btw very nice..! Keep going..!!



I want to do it all.. I also want to do absolutely nothing!!

I am still discovering who I am, but at twenty I still have plenty of time for discovering, don’t you think?

Blogging is that passion that lit a spark on that dream of mine which made a place where I could share myself with others but sooner or later I realized that my real dream was helping others be heard by lending them a voice. Discipline is the art which I want to master. I feel myself like a Taxi Driver who is completely absurd regarding her destination yet retaining my “INNOCENCE”.