Sunday, 1 March 2015

Best friend

Through tears and fights Through smiles, I knew everything would be alright... Through love and hate Through betrayed and debate For you I would always have faith Being ur bestieee I know Our frndship would never end By ur side I will always stand by you And you'll stand by mine too Coz that's what bestiees doo....<3<3

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I want to do it all.. I also want to do absolutely nothing!!

I am still discovering who I am, but at twenty I still have plenty of time for discovering, don’t you think?

Blogging is that passion that lit a spark on that dream of mine which made a place where I could share myself with others but sooner or later I realized that my real dream was helping others be heard by lending them a voice. Discipline is the art which I want to master. I feel myself like a Taxi Driver who is completely absurd regarding her destination yet retaining my “INNOCENCE”.